I became a ‘fit-fluencer’ in my 70s (it’s never too late to transform your body)

There can’t be many women who celebrate their 75th birthday by zip-lining across a canyon, but I’ve got white water rafting, parachuting and skydiving on my bucket list for future birthdays. It’s hard to believe I’ve become the family daredevil but, in the past six years, I’ve transformed my body and my outlook, and it’s … Read more

Why you need to prioritize protein at breakfast

Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based private practice dietitian, is director of food and nutrition at Medcan. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieBeckRD Chances are, you know the benefits of eating enough protein. The sought-after nutrient supports muscle-building, immune health and wound healing, to name only a few of its vital functions. You might not, however, give much … Read more

Two people in crisis shot dead by police, two years apart. Will Massachusetts rethink armed response to mental health emergencies?

Almost exactly two years later, another police shooting unfolded with dismaying similarity in Cambridge. On Jan. 4, 20-year-old Sayed Faisal was fatally shot by police after authorities said he wielded a knife at them. The University of Massachusetts Boston student, officials said, was using the knife to cut himself before he was approached by officers. … Read more

Incline Bench Press vs. Flat Bench Press: Which One Builds Your Pecs Better?

When it comes to weight room equipmentthe bench press station is as close as it gets to holy ground. It’s where first-time gymgoers and full-time powerlifters alike gravitate to build their pecs, bolster their strength, and in some unfortunate cases, measure their egos. The standard flat bench press station steals most of the limelight from … Read more

How To Lead For Wellbeing

Leaders have an outsized impact on mental health. get New data suggests that for almost 70% of people, their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist or their doctor—and it’s equal to the impact of their partner. If you’re a leader, you’re right to find this data sobering. The stakes for … Read more

Fear of Public Places Is Common in Adults With Epilepsy

Summary: Phobic and agoraphobic symptoms are common in those with epilepsy and result in a poorer quality of life. Source: Wake Forest University About 5.1 million people in the US have a history of epilepsy, which causes repeated seizures. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder. While current research … Read more

Are collagen supplements worth taking?

Collagen is probably the most common protein in the animal world. It is solely responsible for about four percent of our body weight. If we were to join all the collagen fibers in our body, their length would reach about one hundred trillion (1014) meters—a distance so great that if we tried to cross it … Read more

Review: ‘Gunther’s Millions’ on Netflix wraps a mental health study in spectacle

Maurizio Mian (right) and members of I Magnifici 5 in the Netflix docuseries “Gunther’s Millions.” Photo: Netflix A dog with $400 million! Human breeding experiments! Madonna’s house! Netflix must hope that its latest docuseries “Gunther’s Millions” attracts hordes of salacious sensation seekers like the streamer’s “Tiger King” did in 2020. But although this tight, four-chapter … Read more